By volunteering with Purrfect Angels Cat Rescue YOU can make a huge difference in the lives of animals waiting for their forever homes. YOU are providing crucial support to our loving cats and kittens in a variety of ways.  YOU get to interact and play with animals, provide love, attention and comfort to our furry friends while they are waiting for their forever families to find and adopt them.  You can also help raise money for rescue needs and the care of our animals.


By volunteering YOU are helping our rescue, without YOU we would not be able to function.  As a volunteer, you would be bringing your ideas, creativity and imagination to Purrfect Angels Cat Rescue by helping animals find their forever homes.




Volunteers make an enormous difference in the lives of our rescues.  There are many ways you can help Purrfect Angels Cat Rescue!  Volunteers range in ages from 13 years old to past the age of retirement and beyond.  This helps our animals in and out of our foster care and Petsmart location.  



There are many ways YOU can help the animals in our rescue.  Hands on way, volunteering at our current Petsmart location in Turnersville by spending time and taking care of our cats (playing with, feeding, cleaning cages and more).  Transporting to vet visits, transporting to adoption events, speaking to potential adopters about our cats at Petsmart and in foster homes and our rescue.  There are other ways to help as well such as advertising, fundraising, coordinating events and programs.



We are always seeking responsible, animal-loving people who are willing to open up their hearts and homes to our cats or kittens waiting to be adopted.  All of our animals are in foster care or Petsmart Adoption Center.  The animals in foster care may include but are not limited to, sick animals, mom’s with newborn litters, orphaned babies that need to be bottle fed, animals that are recovering from surgery, and animals that may need additional socialization skills.  Apply today to be a foster!



We currently have cats and kittens at Petsmart in Turnersville.  Volunteers are always needed for morning, evening and weekend shifts.  You can do one shift or several it is solely up to you and the time you have available to spend with our adoptable cats and kittens.  Weekday morning shift is usually a minimum of an hour and a half or more depending on how much time it takes to clean the cages, refill the food and water and the amount of time you want to spend socializing with our cats and kittens.



We are always looking for volunteers who are willing to come up with fundraiser and donation ideas as well as participate in special events to help raise money and donations for our rescue.


​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!


It’s very easy!  Complete the volunteer application, the volunteer coordinator with contact you and set up a time to meet and go over different opportunities.  It’s that simple.

To volunteer with Purrfect Angels Cat Rescue you must be at least 18 years of age.  We also offer a Jr. volunteer program which consists of a parent/guardian and child volunteer team, the child must be age 13 years of age or older and accompanied by a legal guardian at all times.   There are no exceptions to this. 


If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information please complete our volunteer application.  

Also, visit and like us on Facebook.com//PurrfectAngeslsCatRescue.


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