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In Honor and In Memory

Donations to Purrfect Angels Cat Rescue in Memory
and in Honor of Those We Cherish...

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February 2024:

In memory of Judy Farrar

In memory of Joe and Mary's cat, Milo

January 2024:

In memory of Marjorie Hesse

December 2023:

From Paul, Theresa and Pearce:  "Merry Christmas to our beloved Aunt Susan, whose love is limitless."


In memory of Carol Wahl.  "In remembrance of a great lady I wish I had the honor of knowing."

In honor of Crew and Mack C. "Very proud of my two grandnephews who wanted a donation made to Purrfect Angels Cat Rescue instead of receiving a Christmas gift from their Aunt Janie. Kudos to Kasey and Bob for raising them right."

October 2023:

"In memory of Elizabeth Lieser, who loved her cats."

September 2023:

In memory of Billy Gehringer

August 2023:

In memory of David W. Gifford. "Remembering ALWAYS the kindness of David!!"

July 2023:

In memory of Joseph Petruzzi. "For Joe, who was a friend to all."


In memory of Catharine “Kate” Magin.  "A true lover of kitties, she will be missed. Loved by our family."


In memory of Anthony J. Naimoli.  "Mr. Naimoli was not only an animal lover but a man who instilled in his children the same love of and dedication to their beloved pets."

June 2023:

In honor of all the pets we have loved.  "Shady Lane Elementary Kindness Club had a fundraiser to help out the animals in need and are happy to support the great work at Purrfect Angels Rescue!"

March 2023:

In memory of Steve Haworth. "He loved cats and will be sorely missed!!"

February 2023:

In memory of Ronald Hesse

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