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In Honor and In Memory

Donations to Purrfect Angels Cat Rescue in Memory and in Honor of Those We Cherish...

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June 2024:

In memory of Joseph Zingone

May 2024:

In memory of George A. Schultz Jr.

April 2024:

In memory of Oskar Cochrane


Happy Birthday Jimmy and Eddie! - The Huncklers


"Celebrating Jimmy and Eddie's 4th birthday by celebrating Purrfect Angels. Thank you for all that you do!"

"Thank you for everything you do for pets!  On behalf of Anderson." -- Colleen and Dave S.

March 2024:

To Sandra M. from Janice C.  "In honor of our 75th birthday together and many more to come taking care of the homeless and sick cats. With love, your other half."


In memory of Julius Fedoryka, from Arlene and Jean Cardamone

In memory of Julius Fedoryka, from Sheilann and Tom


"In memory of our father, Julius A. Fedoryka, we love and miss you." -- Alexis and Len

"In memory of my cat-loving grandpa, Julius Fedoryka"


"In memory of my Grandfather, Julius 'Fred' Fedoryka and his love for all animals, especially his cats." -- Nick & Savanah


In memory of Julius "Fred" Fedoryka from the Goldner CAD Dept.


In memory of Freddy Fedoryka

"In memory of Marcy Lougher and the many cats she loved and cared for throughout her life."


In memory of Julius A. Fedoryka. "May his family find comfort whenever a cat crosses their path."


February 2024:

In memory of Judy Farrar

In memory of Joe and Mary's cat, Milo

January 2024:

In memory of Marjorie Hesse

December 2023:

From Paul, Theresa and Pearce:  "Merry Christmas to our beloved Aunt Susan, whose love is limitless."


In memory of Carol Wahl.  "In remembrance of a great lady I wish I had the honor of knowing."

In honor of Crew and Mack C. "Very proud of my two grandnephews who wanted a donation made to Purrfect Angels Cat Rescue instead of receiving a Christmas gift from their Aunt Janie. Kudos to Kasey and Bob for raising them right."

October 2023:

"In memory of Elizabeth Lieser, who loved her cats."

September 2023:

In memory of Billy Gehringer

August 2023:

In memory of David W. Gifford. "Remembering ALWAYS the kindness of David!!"

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