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How to Report Animal Abuse/Neglect

In Gloucester County, NJ:  Call Gloucester County Animal Control, 856-881-2828 (elsewhere, call your local animal control office, or visit the ASPCA Animal Cruelty resource page)
Report cruelty to livestock in NJ by contacting the NJ Dept. of Agriculture, 609-671-6400
Report wildlife poaching, animal trafficking and illegal hunting in NJ by contacting New Jersey Operation Game Thief, 855-OGT-TIPS  (elsewhere, contact the US Fish & Wildlife Service1-844-FWS-TIPS)
In urgent cases, dial 911

Updated September 4, 2022

DISCLAIMER:  These resources are provided for information purposes only.  Purrfect Angels Cat Rescue makes no warranty as to the performance or availability of these resources, and inclusion of a resource here does not necessarily imply endorsement.  Purrfect Angels Cat Rescue has no interest, financial or otherwise, in any of these listed resources.

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